Frequently asked questions

What is so different about your soap?

I am glad you asked! There are several things different about our soap. A noteable difference is the way your skin willl feel. Our soap leaves your skin soft, and clean at the same time. How is this possible? Many reasons, including the ingredients and how they are used. The natural soap making process is simple. In order to make soap, you mix oils with a salt compound. The combination of the two creates a chemical reaction, which changes the composition of the oils, turing them into soap. So how is ours different? First, we only use ingredients with a beneficial purpose. There is no sorbitol, propylene glycol, or any other unnecessary chemicals in our soaps. There is no reason to add glycerine, because the traditional soap making process we use naturally produces glycerine on its own. Our soap is loaded with natural occuring glycerine. Second, we use more oils than necessary. These extra oils in the soap did not have enough salt compound to chemicaly change their makeup into soap, so they remain free oils. Which means our soap will leave some noursihment on your skin.

Why does your lotion feel so good?

If you find yourself craving our lotion after the first use, it is ok. You are ok. It is simply your skin asking for more. Our lotion only contains beneficial ingredients for your skin, in conjuciton with the necessary componets to make lotion, to create a nourishing and soothing skin food. After use, suddenly your skin will feel a rush of happiness and want more. That is totally normal. It is because we do not use fillers, unnecessary chemicals or simple label appeal ingredients. If you have any questions about the ingredients we use and why, please do not hesistate to reach out.

Return Policy

Of course we will gladly accept returns or exchanges for unopend and unused products within 14 days of receipt.