About Us

Fresh Mojo is an artisan skin care shop, using only the finest ingredients. Fresh Mojo has made a breakthrough in the skin care industry through handcrafted meticulous formulation practices. The key formulator for Fresh Mojo, Marsee Cannon, received her degree from The School of Natural Skincare.  
Every single ingredient, in every single product, is of the highest quality and used for a purpose. You will feel the difference and have a fresh mojo after papering yourself with our products!


History: In 2005 a book called "Natural Cures they don't want you know" changed everything for me. Turns out many of the illness our society has are stemmed from toxic overload.  Toxins from our air, food, water, and environment are coming in at a faster rate than we can eliminate. This knowledge made me want to change my lifestyle and educate others. 

The journey began here and has led all sorts of interesting places. It started with nutrition, and the difference I felt from changing my diet gave me the passion to change other areas in my life as well. I became interested in natural medicine, then into electromagnetic frequencies. I began studying everything I could. 

 I was working with Dr Charles McWilliams using a tesla light coil for skin and muscle repair that I realized what you put on your skin is extremely important. Skin is our largest organ, and everything the skin absorbs goes straight to the liver, which is kind of a big deal. I decided to take a closer look at what I was applying. I was horrified. What were all these chemicals for? Why? What is the benefit? Well, a quick google and I can tell you, it is certainly not to the consumers benefit.

So, the journey turned a corner. The interest turned to researching skin care. Which turns out, it is a complex science. It is not a google search on how to make a moisturizer. At least not an effective one.  Here enters the need for education and more schooling.

I have since completed my degree in natural skin care formulation from the School of Natural Skincare in the United Kingdom. I received my diploma in April of 2018.

 I have been busy learning, studying, researching and creating. I learned the mainstream cosmetic industry is a tragedy. 

Even down to the soap produced.  

The commercial soaping industry purposely takes all the good glycerin out of soap to resell it. This leaves the original product with maybe some good stuff for label and marketing purposes, but just lots of cheap chemicals that make suds and strips your skin oils.  

Now, I know soap washes off, so what's the big deal?   Natural soap makes a big difference in your skin's natural bacteria, sebum (oils) and surface enzymes. This is all evident in how your skin feels when you get out of the shower, Soap and lotion are important. Lotion stays on all day long, and now you have the option for it to be a nutrient. Our lotion will protect your skin and feed your skin for the rest of the day. 

Try an all-natural soap and lotion and you will agree.  

Soap matters.

Skin care matters.

Feel the difference with Fresh Mojo! 


Special thank you to all the friends that have encouraged me along the way!